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Tickli was introduced on 5 April 2015 in celebration of the 130-year anniversary of the VVV tourist office. Tickli - Ticketshop Limburg is an online ticket system that makes it easy for you as an organizer to manage your own ticket sales. Ticketshop Limburg is based on a proven system for events with a capacity of up to 150,000 visitors.


User-friendly and service-oriented

Tickli – Ticketshop Limburg works with a user-friendly system for both organizers and visitors.

Organizer: we can quickly and easily create a ticket shop for you that is entirely in line with your corporate style. Ticketshop Limburg also offers a wide range of event and ticket options. You can implement your ticket shop across various channels, such as your website and social media sites. Tickets can be easily scanned using a laptop or a mobile phone. Visit Zuid-Limburg would be happy to assist you as necessary.


Visitor: The order process is fully compatible for use on mobile devices, which means tickets can be ordered and paid for with just a few clicks. Logging in is optional, but not required. This makes it easy for your guests to order tickets as often as they like.

Honest prices

Tickli is free to implement and to use. While a fixed fee per ticket does apply, you decide who pays that fee: you or your visitor. Visitors also pay a service fee per order for payment processing. Visitors can order tickets for multiple activities at the same time, thereby reducing the service costs. The proceeds from this system (the fees you pay) are used to develop and update the system and to promote the province of South Limburg.

Clear statistics when you need them

Once ticket sales start, you'll be able to check the results and the available statistics 24/7. Your colleagues and employees can also access this data by logging in with their personal code. This means you can start selling immediately and monitor your order and payment process.

All ticket types

  • Starting at ten tickets
  • Enter an unlimited number of tickets
  • Early bird tickets
  • Guestbook module
  • Personalized tickets
  • VIP tickets
  • Discount codes

Tickets in your corporate style

With Tickli, you can choose to personalize your e-tickets and day passes. More than 75% of the ticket design can feature your own corporate style, which includes sponsors, routes, programmes, the event name, and a photo of the activity.

Visit Zuid-Limburg offers attractive promotional services

  • Information through our 0900 number.
  • Flyer and poster distribution via 32 VVV Limburg shops, service points, and flyer points
  • Listing in the event calendar on www.visitzuidlimburg.nl.
    • 1.6 million unique visitors in 2016 and 850,000 annual views on the event pages.
    • This includes listings on VVV.nl and the VVV app, as well as on various calendars.
  • Promotion on Visit Zuid-Limburg Facebook page (> 44,000 followers), various Twitter channels, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • You can choose to send press releases to local, regional, national, and Euregional press outlets.
  • Listings are also possible in various VVV publications:
    • weekly accommodation tips
    • novelties
    • consumer newsletters and press releases
  • Links to Euregional partners.
  • Extensive network of clients, consumers, and tour operators.

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